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Welcome to the TransAm Eastern Express Bike Route

I am Frank Moritz, a veteran Adventure Cycling tour leader, instructor and board member, and I’ve completed the initial research to create an “eastern express” addition to the legendary TransAmerica bike route. This new route provides a welcome option for TransAm cyclists to bypass the severe mountain climbs and nasty dogs that confront cyclists in southwestern Virginia, eastern Kentucky, and southern Missouri on the eastern half of the existing route. It also replaces three major high-altitude climbs in Colorado with one gradual and scenic climb to the Continental Divide. Amazingly, almost 600 of the 2,100+ miles of this route are on dedicated bike/pedestrian paths, towpaths, or rail-trails.

Starting in Washington, DC, westbound riders on this route will take an estimated 34 pedaling days (and much less climbing) to reach Walden, CO compared with a typical 50 pedaling days for Adventure Cycling’s self-contained tours to reach Walden on the original TransAm route. This new route is not yet endorsed by Adventure Cycling, but cyclists who are interested in riding the route, or who would like to participate in crowd-sourcing the refinement of this new route proposal, can download PDF files of the documents from other pages of this website and provide your comments here.