Part 1: Washington, DC to Ohio

These daily document sets cover the first stage of the ride, from Washington, DC to Senecaville, OH.
These map sets do not cover all of the services on the C&O towpath and the GAP trail.For the most detailed coverage of the DC-to-Pittsburgh segment of this route, you should obtain the latest edition of “The Trail Book,” at the website of the Allegheny Trail Alliance . In addition, an excellent online guide to services and latest trail conditions for the DC-Pittsburgh segment is at . In addition, the Great Allegheny Passage (unofficial) Facebook Page  sometimes provides more current information on trail conditions:  .

Download the Service Directory for the Washington, DC Trailhead

Download Map Set 01 – Washington, DC – Harpers Ferry WV

Download Map Set 1B – Harpers Ferry WV Detail

Download Map Set 02 – Harpers Ferry WV – Hancock MD

Download Map Set 03 – Hancock MD – Cumberland, MD
(This segment of the route is mostly a 2-track road, which will prove difficult for cyclists riding trikes or pulling 2-wheel trailers.)

Download Map Set 04 – Cumberland, MD – Rockwood PA

Download Map Set 05 – Rockwood PA – Connellsville PA

Download Map Set 06 – Connellsville PA – Pittsburgh PA
(As of May 2019, the 9th Street trailhead for the 3 Rivers Heritage Trail on the south side of the river has been closed. Riders should now use the 4th Street trailhead for access to local services in Pittsburgh’s south side.)

Download the Pittsburgh Light Rail System Map

Although I believe that the charms & services of Pittsburgh’s southside riverfront trails provide the best cycling experience, you have the option of bypassing downtown Pittsburgh by leaving the GAP Trail near McKeesport, PA and taking the Steel Valley Trail, Montour Trail, and Panhandle Trail south & west to the Ohio River. This route is a bit shorter, but the Montour Trail is not yet complete and lacks some support services that long-distance cyclists want. However, some local cyclists prefer this route:

Download Map Set 06B – West Newton PA – Hendersonville PA (Pgh Bypass)

The next three days on the Eastern Express route between Pittsburgh and Zanesville, OH is the same route mapped by Adventure Cycling in their newly-created (May, 2017) Chicago-to-New York City route.

Download Map Set 07 – Pittsburgh PA – Wheeling WV

Download Map Set 07B – Hendersonville PA – Wheeling WV (Pgh Bypass)

Download Map Set 08 – Wheeling WV – Senecaville, OH