Part 3: Mississippi River to Central Kansas

For the next six days, you’ll be riding on Adventure Cycling’s “Lewis & Clark Trail” bicycle route across the state of Missouri. The first couple of days will be on the legendary KATY rail-trail. The most detailed website for this trail is , which has service updates and links for buying maps and guidebooks. The official website is .
A note for eastbound riders: The KATY Trail kind of ends in the middle of nowhere. At the trail’s end,
T/L onto a dirt road along RR tracks, then T/R onto unsigned Machens Road and cross the RR tracks.

This first day’s ride offers you two options for crossing the Mississippi River: via a bridge with a good shoulder from Alton, IL (18A), or via a ferry [on weekends] from Grafton, IL (18B).

Download Map Set 18A – Alton IL – Augusta MO (Via Bridge)  –  (Updated – 8/17/2018)
A major update provides important eastbound directions for crossing the Mississippi River bridge. Westbound directions for the first 2 miles after the west end of the bridge have also been changed.

Download Map Set 18B – Alton IL – Marthasville MO (Via Ferry)

Download Map Set 19 – Augusta MO – Tebbetts MO

On the next day (#20), you have an option to take an “eastern connector” route to join the original TransAm route in eastern Kansas, rather than following this “express” route all the way to Colorado.

Download Map Set 20 – Tebbetts MO to Boonville MO

Download Map Set 21 – Boonville MO to Higginsville MO

Download Map Set 22 – Higginsville MO to Watkins Mill SP, MO 

Download the Watkins Mill State Park Map

Download Map Set 23 – Watkins Mill S.P., MO to Atchison KS

The bridge across the Missouri river into Atchison has a good shoulder. Atchison is a good place for a layover, since there are no bike shops directly on the route between there and Sterling, CO.
You leave town heading west and leave the Lewis & Clark bike route, which goes north from here.

Download Map Set 24 – Atchison KS to Seneca KS

Download Map Set 25 – Seneca KS to Washington KS